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Product description

    Procalcitonin (PCT) is a procalcitonin glycoprotein without hormone activity. The half-life of PCT is 25-30 hours, and it is very stable in vivo and in vitro. The plasma PCT content of healthy people is extremely low. During bacterial infection, in addition to the thyroid, macrophages and monocytes in the liver, lymphocytes and endocrine cells in the lung and intestinal tissues can synthesize and secrete PCT. At this time, the serum PCT level will increase significantly, and the infection progresses Or control and continue at a high level or gradually decline, not affected by the body's immune suppression state. For bacterial infection/sepsis, PCT is currently the best biological indicator.
Apply to:Emergency department, ICU, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, hematology, oncology...

detection principle and method

    This reagent uses immunofluorescence to quantitatively detect the concentration of PCT in human serum, plasma or whole blood.

Clinical application

    1. Differentiation of postoperative sepsis infection and organ failure.

    2. Differential diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, differential diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious etiology of adult respiratory distress, etc.

    3. It has a high diagnostic rate for bacterial systemic infections in patients with bone marrow transplantation and stem cell transplantation.


  • It is determined by time-resolved immunofluorescence chromatography with high sensitivity and strong specificity.

  • The reaction time is short and the batch processing speed is fast.

  • Instrument interpretation, full quantitative detection, accurate and reliable.

  • The operation is simple, and the two-step detection can be completed.

  • The reagent has a built-in standard curve, so there is no need to calibrate each experiment.

Ordering Information

Item No. Product name Specifications Sample type

Procalcitonin (PCT) detection kit (fluorescent Immunochromatography)

25T Whole blood, serum, plasma

Procalcitonin (PCT) detection kit (fluorescent Immunochromatography)

50T 2 Whole blood, serum, plasma

Procalcitonin (PCT) detection kit (fluorescent Immunochromatography)

100T Whole blood, serum, plasma