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Product description

    The 96-flux and 32-flux magnetic bead method nucleic acid extractor, combined with a viral nucleic acid extraction kit, can conduct high flux processing of parallel samples, which will free researchers from tedious and complicated extraction and purification work.

    All operations are carried out in the machine reaction chamber without any manual operation.

    High-flux magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction platform   NEX 96


    ①Robust and reliable performance

    ②Small size for flexibility

    ③Easy to use

    ④Independent temperature-controlled lysis and elution

    ⑤A barcode scanner installable without drives and used to automatically identify kit brands and call a proper program

    32-flux sample nucleic acid extraction   NEX 32


    ①Robust and reliable performance

    ②Integrated capacitive touchscreen to enable easy operation

    ③Vibratile to mix and adjustable at low, medium and high levels

    ④UV disinfection module to control contamination

    ⑤Programmable to import programs from and export programs into USB drive

    Viral nucleic acid extraction kit

    The kit uses magnetic beads that boast unique isolation technique and a buffer system to isolate and purify high-quality viral nucleic acids from a specimen. The specially coated magnetic beads are highly affinitive to the nucleic acids in the specimen under certain conditions. When conditions change, the magnetic beads release the nucleic acids absorbed, to rapidly extract the nucleic acids from the purified specimen.

Product advantages

  • One-step procedure: specimens are processed after preprocessing and reagent configuration.
  • Short operation time: 1-32 specimens are processed simultaneously in 15-40 minutes. High throughput is achieved by parallel processing, freeing researchers from tedious and repetitive extraction and purification work.
  • All operations are carried out in the machine reaction compartment without manual operation, thus minimizing man-made errors.


  • Nucleic acid extraction is completed in as short as 18 minutes.

  • Contaminations and inhibitors are completely removed, suitable to middle- and down-stream experiments.

  • High yield and high purity.

  • Nucleic acid extraction is automated by combining the magnetic bead method with the automatic nucleic acid extractor.

Ordering Information

Item No. Product name Specifications
VN-0001 Virus nucleic acid extraction kit (membrane adsorption column method) 50T

Viral nucleic acid extraction kit (magnetic bead method) prepacked

20T, 40T, 48T, 64T

Viral nucleic acid extraction kit (magnetic bead method) non-prepacked


Viral nucleic acid extraction kit (magnetic bead method) prepacked reagent strip