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Product description

    This kit is used for the qualitative assay of Monkeypox Virus in human skin exudates, blood, and throat swabs samples. It can be used for assisting in the differential diagnosis of pathogens in patients with suspected infection.

Apply to:Skin Exudate, Blood and Throat Swabs

detection principle and method

    This kit designs specific primers and probes for the highly conserved regions of monkeypox virus. In the presence of genome templates of Monkeypox Virus in the reaction system, PCR reaction is performed and a fluorescent signal is released. The signal intensity of channel is monitored and output in real time by using an instrument in the PCR process, to realize the qualitative assay of the test results.

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Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probing)

Skin Exudate, Blood and Throat Swabs

48 Tests/Kit